Fudō boards was founded in 2017
The concept of Fudō boards is found in Fudōshin(不動心) and Heiho(兵法)
Fudōshin(不動心) is a concept often translated as immovable mind, 
it is with this mindset that adversity can be overcome.
Heiho(兵法) is translated as strategy it is an older word used often in
classical Japanese martial art schools or Koryū (古流)
It is our belief that Skateboarding and Ancient Japanese philosophy
share a common mindset, and through art and skateboarding,
that mindset can be achieved. 
We specialize in all areas of Japanese art.
From Mokuhanga(木版画)  also known as ukiyo-e(浮世絵)
Ecchi/Hentai(エッチ, 変態)
Fudō boards prides itself on delivering the best quality boards as well as original artwork that changes skateboards into works of art. 
We strongly support giving back to the community and helping others and always stay connected with our fans.
We are unlike other skateboard companies as we believe we are not just a company but a movement that wants to leave a positive impact on the world.
If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch. Our Email is Fudoboards@gmail.com and Phone number is 786-366-3594
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