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                Our wood is made fresh when ordered from our manufacturer meaning the wood is cut, pressed, glued and custom concave in house, this means the wood is stronger, non brittle, the board remains its shape, and the glue sticks better than wood decks that have been sitting around in a factory for months. All our decks have a medium or Deep concave, The Length for Medium Concave Decks is 32 in and the Length for Deep Concave is 31 in.

                      Our decks are known for their pop and durablity, Our decks are hand layered in 7 ply and then harden using the latest technology

                     We use only the finest in quality Superior Canadian Maple and the highest quality glue, Our manufacturer has made for some of the biggest brand name decks on the market and our riders test control the quality,  it no wonder that in only 3 years we have made it as a top 40 skateboard brand according to top 10 list:



                All of our decks come with grip tape made by the same manfacturer who makes 1 of the top grip tapes on the market.

                Skateboard Decks (6)

                NEO Girls Skateboard Deck


                Yo ho ho Skateboard Deck


                Wo Ai Ni Skateboard Deck


                Deku Skateboard Deck


                Lai Lai Boy Skateboard Deck


                Over 9000 Skateboard Deck

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